Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Subject: Stop bleeding money each month with my tip!

Every month, I used to bleed money with monthly software subscriptions. First, there was website hosting. Then, I had my research tools. And on top of that, I have my rankings checker subscription...

... In total, my tools were costing me $197.95 a month!

But now I pay less than half of that per month. And I get all of this - plus tones of bonuses - with my AffiloTools subscription:

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By using these tools, I have been able to shoot up in the Google rankings - plus save lots of time too:   
  • AffiloTools has a link finder, that lets you find high PRlinks hidden on the internet and go UP in Google's rankings!
  • Use their backlink analyser tool to SPY on your competitorsand swipe their best links!
  • Website Health Checher looks for onsite errors holding you back.
  • Lets you post updates to Facebook and Twitter from ONE place.
  • The dashboard shows vital data from Google Analytics & ClickBank!
  • FREE premium hosting for 15+ websites for a year!
  • Plus lots of other bonuses...

...Want to know what they are? Find out here:

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Not only do I save over $1,500+ each year (and get to spend that on my family), but I save hours each week by having all of my website data in one place.

Stop bleeding time AND money - pick up AffiloTools today.

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