Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I have a FREE gift for you: Backlink Video Lesson

   SEO is one of the most lucrative ways to create profitable traffic to your website. Imagine how
much you could make if your website sat at the top of Google for your keywords!

   But there is something stopping you.


   Most people I talk to are really confused as to how to build good, high-quality free backlinks to
their website. And as a result, they don't rank.

   That is why I'm excited to give you away a FREE video training lesson in this email! Check it out:

   It is FREE, so no excuses for not watching it!

   In addition to this free video, I also wanted to answer some of the frequently asked questions I receive on building backlinks:

   *Can I Use My Main Keyword in the Anchor Text?*

   One mistakes a lot of newbies do is they over-do the anchor text. Avoid this trap! There is no exact
magic number, but you should make sure that you don't use your main keyword more than 10% of the
time in your anchor text.

   Remember: Google wants to see your brand name as the #1 keyword you use when creating anchor
text to your website. Google wants to see this, because to them, this makes your backlink profile
more natural.

   That is why it is good to not use an exact match domain when setting up your website. When
choosing a domain, pick one that isn't an exact match of your main keyword.

   *How Many Backlinks do I Really Need?*
   How many backlinks you need depends on the quality of backlinks you build. I have ranked
websites with 5 links or less, because I built high-quality backlinks.

   For instance, the free video lesson (that I highly recommend you watch) teaches you how to
build links using web 2.0 properties. Don't just create spammy properties: make them high quality!

   What do I mean by that? I mean treat them like a mini website. Put high quality content on them
that users will appreciate. Use pictures, and post videos.

   When you make good web 2.0 properties, actual readers will find them and comment on them, and
share them. Google will see that, and will value the link you created more. So put effort in.

   *Can I See the Backlinks of My Competitors?*

   Yes, you can! My favorite free tool to do this is Traffic Travis. It is free, so you don't have to buy anything:

   Seeing the backlinks of your competitors is extremely valuable. It lets you see where they have gotten theirs from. You can then go, and get them too.

   For example: lets say that a competitor has a guest blog post on a blog. If that blog ccepted their post, there is a high chance that they'll accept your blog post too. So you can email that blog, ask - and get that link yourself.

   In addition, it will let you see what anchor text distribution they are using. You can see what percentage of their anchor text is their main keyword, and what percentage is their brand keyword. You can then copy it!

   *Won't I Be Penalized by Google Penguin?*

   Twice, Google has released two updates to their search engine. These updates have been called the "Google Penguin" updates (plus Google has released different versions of these updates).

   The Google Penguin updates target backlinks. These updates will penalize websites that build bad backlinks.

   But see - did you read that? It targets BAD backlinks. If you build high-quality backlinks that Google likes, then you will be fine.

   That is why you should take advantage of my free gift, and watch the video while it is still free:

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   Check out the video now to learn about FREE backlink building techniques. And because
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