Friday, October 30, 2015

How do I open an MT4 account with AGEA?

There are two main parts to opening an MT4 account:
  • You need to ensure you have the software
  • And you need to have an appropriate Live account – Cent, Standard, or STP
To download software
  • 1. Login to your account
  • 2. Go to “Services” at the top right hand corner of any page on the AGEA site.
  • 3. Click “Downloads” in the left hand column of the Services page
Alternatively you can just click “Get Software” at the top right side of all AGEA pages. Open Account 1

Open Account 2
Open Account 3
4. Go down the page to the MetaTrader4 section and within the highlight box click “MetaTrader 4 Platform Services”

5. A box will pop up – Click “Save File”. It will be Saved into your downloads as ‘Agea-mt4-platform.exe”

6. Find the saved file and double click it.
7. A pop-up box will appear – Click “Run”.
Open Account 4

Open Account 5 8. The AGEA Agreement will come up, click “Next”.
Open Account 6

9. You will then see where the program will be saved, and can select whether you want a shortcut made and the program to open after installation. Click “Next”.

10. The program will be downloaded, click “Finish” and you are done!
Now you have access to MT4 and can practice trading on your virtual desk where you have been given $10,000 virtual money to trade with.

Set up your Live Account
  • 1. Go to your “Account Center” (this can be accessed by clicking the button in the top right side of any AGEA page).
  • 2. Click “Platforms” > “MetaTrader” > MT4 Cabinet
Open Account 7
  • 3. On the page “MetaTrader 4 Cabinet”, click “Add a new account on the MetaTrader 4 Platform” which is at the bottom of the page
  • 4. Choose which account type you want: Cent, Standard or STP, and your primary currency, and then click “Add Account”.
Remember minimum deposits are required for these accounts as follows:
  • Cent - $10
  • Standard - $100
  • STP - $1000
To learn more about which account to choose see our Article “Which MT4 Account”
Open Account 8
As long as you have the required deposit, the account will now be added.
  • 5. A message will come up requesting you to enter a new password for your MT4 account.
    Note: The “Master Password” is the password you use for Streamster.
    If you do not add your password at this point, or want to change it at a later point, you can find this option at: “Account Center” > “Platforms” > “MetaTrader” > “MT4 Cabinet” . Then in the “Services” dropdown menu select “Change Password”.
Open Account 9
Now you will have your Account ID (which can be found again in the MT4 Cabinet if needed) and your password.
  • 6. Open your MT4 Software. Your Demo Account will automatically be displayed
  • 7. To change to the Live Account – Go to “File” > “Login”
  • 8. Enter your “Account ID” in the “Login” box, and your new password in the “Password” box.
Open Account 10
Open Account 11
The change the Server from “AGEA-Demo” to ‘AGEA-Live”.

  • 9. Now you can start trading live on MT4. Remember to transfer funds into your MT4 account at “Account Center” > “Funds” > “Transfer Funds”

Open Account ?

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