Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Patterns Of Excellence Adam Khoo

Do you ever wonder what it is that allows some people to become so very successful, while most of us struggle just to get by?

It’s easy to think that they have something special, something the rest of us have no access to. This is half right. They do have something special. But it’s not something that’s out of our reach. Anybody can get access to that secret ingredient that makes those people successful.

And many people have already done just that. They have tapped into and are using the same “Patterns of Excellence” that have helped those special few to achieve their success.

And you can join them. Here’s how.

Adam Khoo, millionaire and best-selling author, has created a seminar where he teaches others those very Patterns of Excellence. The seminar costs $1,600, and that may be out of reach for a lot of people. But now, he has decided to make the information available to a wider audience at a small fraction of the price of the seminar; as a home study program version.

That home study program contains the following:

10 CD-length audio files
10 transcripts of the audios
a 153 page workbook/manual
and a bonus book: Minds of Winners
All of it is downloadable either as mp3 files or as pdf files.

Since you may be wondering how anything could possibly have that kind of transformative power, Adam starts his course by sharing his own story: Contrary to what you might think, he wasn’t always a millionaire. He was actually kicked out of school and had extreme difficulty to find any school that would even take him in. But then he encountered the exact mind set technology you’ll learn in Patterns of Excellence, and he turned his life around dramatically. He became a valedictorian, and then, within just a few years, a Millionaire when he was 26 years old. He also became a best-selling author and one of the top peak performance coaches and speakers in Asia.

And in his home study course, you will gain access to the same strategies Adam used to achieve his own success. You’ll discover how to copy and model the strategies of success that you see in the successful people you admire, and, as you start applying them in your own life, get the same results.

If you have setbacks, and you will, you’ll learn how those super achievers deal with setbacks, and how you can do the same.

The key technology you will learn in Patterns of Excellence is something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). And the 10 CDs of your home study program provide you with some of the clearest and most immediately usable explanations and directions of how to apply NLP in your own life that I have ever come across.


CD1 - The Ultimate Success Formula

The first CD gives you a detailed preview of the whole course and also introduces you to Adam’s Ultimate Success Formula and how it holds the key to achieving any result you want in life. This is the secret that separates those who achieve what they set out to do and those who don’t. It explains how anybody, if they put their mind to it, can become a success. It’s also what helped Adam achieve his own success.

Even the most successful people experience setbacks, but somehow, they bounce back quickly. We have all heard of stories of millionaires and even billionaires who bounce back from near-bankruptcy to being millionaires and billionaires once again at record speed. Donald Trump comes to mind, as does Bill Bartmann. How do they do that?

Adam walks you through that so that you too can overcome setbacks and failure and use them to achieve your goals even faster.

CD2 - The Power Of States & Physiology

The second CD teaches you how to use your body to program your mind for success. It helps you to stay in that high-achiever mindset at all times by helping you to gain control of your emotions. Of course, some of the finer points will become a lot clearer as you move through the program.

CD 3 will delve more deeply into the technicalities of NLP. It will introduce you to something called “submodalities,” a key to how to achieve desired emotional states and break through setbacks and undesirable patterns.

CD 4 deals with your beliefs and how they determine whether you’re successful or not. It will show you how those beliefs are created and how you have complete control over them – so you can change them so they will serve you instead of sabotaging you.

CD 5 helps you to design your life and introduces you to another extremely powerful concept in NLP: Reframing. Between those two, you can gain control over just about anything that has been holding you back to date.

Of course, there’s much more in the remaining five CDs. You’ll learn about the power of values and how to make adjustments to your values so that serve you and help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn about how to build rapport with literally anyone and how to communicate effectively, both crucial ingredients to success.

The next two CDs are my favorites: they introduce you to extremely powerful language patterns that will help you to have such powerful influence on others it will absolutely amaze you. There’s the so-called Milton Model, named after Milton Erickson who developed it. And then there’s what’s called the Meta Model.


Both of them are powerful tools to change people’s beliefs. And as a fringe benefit, you’ll be able to claim back your own power as you see through the persuasive techniques of politicians and advertisers who are using some of those techniques on you.

The last CD pulls everything together into usable strategies you can use every day. It also helps you pinpoint dysfunctional strategies you might be using right now that are holding you back, and replace them with ones that help you achieve your goal.

What’s included in the package?

The 10 audio files. Complete transcripts for all 10 audios. And an excellent 153 page workbook that will accompany you as you work your way through the CDs. It has illustrations that will make some concepts easier to understand, summaries, key points, check lists, work sheets, and plenty of room for notes as you do the many exercises that Adam will guide you through as you listen to the audios.

Exercises? You bet. They are what really makes this work. It’s a transformational program, and, if you will forgive my using a phrase that has almost become a cliché by now: It works if you work it. But if you don’t work it, all bets are off. You might feel momentarily inspired, but unless you actually follow through on the inspiration with real action, not much will change.

So go ahead and do the exercises. Work your way through the workbook. You will be very glad you did.

Imagine you had paid the full price for the workshop. Would you skip a day? Heck, no! So don’t skip “a day” here either. Just do it all.


Of course, once you have filled everything in, the workbook will also serve as an ideal refresher course whenever you need to review some of the concepts. And the more care you took when you filled it in at first, the more valuable it will be to you in the long run.

Like Adam’s other programs, Patterns of Excellence provides you with powerful and actionable information. All of it is presented in easy-to-follow step-by-step fashion. And the sum total of it is bound to change your life – if you do the work. It’s literally a blueprint for achieving the success you desire. If you just want pretty book to add to your hard drive, skip this one. If you’re ready to do the work and take your life to the next level, though, this is a must-have.

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