Saturday, January 5, 2008

Make even more cash! my money train

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Make even more cash!

Did you know that you can earn income just by referring people? Simply use your customized referral url below and you can earn funds that are deposited directly into your balance when they buy positions!

Compound your earnings!

You can actually use your earnings to obtain more positions! The more positions you have, the more you will earn. Once your eligible to reinvest your earnings, a form will appear on the buy positions page. The only hard decision about this is deciding what line to purchase them in.
Like the program?

Don't forget to leave a testimonial! You can let others know how successful you have been which will encourage more and more people to join. This can only mean one thing - more money for you. You can access the testimonials page at any time from your account home page.

Payment & Withdrawal : MoneyBookers Account, AlertPay Account, PayPal Account, E-Gold Account

Name Price ROI Referal Percentage
ALL ABOARD Fixed $20.00 200.00% 10.00%
VACATION PAY Fixed $40.00 200.00% 10.00%
My Money Train Fixed $5.00 200.00% 10.00%
Joy ToThe World Fixed $4.00 200.00% 10.00%
HOME BOUND Fixed $10.00 200.00% 10.00%
Cashing In Fixed $100.00 200.00% 10.00%
My Treasure Fixed $50.00 200.00% 10.00%
MOVING ON Fixed $8.00 200.00% 10.00%
LETS GO Fixed $15.00 200.00% 10.00%
The Caboose Fixed $6.00 200.00% 10.00%
The Conducter Fixed $3.00 150.00% 10.00%
Choo Choo Fixed $2.00 150.00% 10.00%
GET PAID Fixed $1.00 150.00% 10.00%

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