Wednesday, October 3, 2007


What Exactly Is Marketing Pond all about and What do I get?

In this day and age of marketing online, YOU have a choice. You can choose to sink and virtually drown in the online business world. Or you can choose to swim and make money. Perhaps you can relate to the list below because many of those things have happened to me. Has any of the following happened to you?

Joined biz ops that told you, you would make a fortune and you never made a dime.

Joined under deadbeat sponsors that would not help you.

Joined MLM opportunities in which you had to have hundreds to thousands of members in your downline before you made any significant money.

Advertised until your fingers felt like they were going to fall off, maybe signed up one member just to watch that one member drop out a month later.

Joined programs that disappeared seemingly right after you paid.

Involved in a great business opportunity but you have little to no idea where or how to advertise it.

You cannot get support even if your butt was on are sure no one would bother to throw water on you.

You are a total newbie and have no idea what steps to take to earn money online.

You have been marketing online for years and you either spend more than you make or you are lucky to make a dollar.

You have a small budget or no budget to sink into risky online ventures.

You have joined hot fire sales and wondered why you joined because nothing lit a fire under your bazookers.

You have joined fire sales and after you joined, you were shown something else to buy and then.....something else to buy...and then something else to buy....

You have read PS PSS PSSS and even PSSSSS until you count PS's in your sleep instead of sheep.

As a Marketing Pond member, you'll discover how to make free money online.

First, let me tell you what Marketing Pond does NOT have.

  • No fire sales.
  • No popups.
  • No last chance offers.
  • No PS's.
  • No power lines.
  • No fees.
  • No bs.
  • No comments: