Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hai Friend,

Napoleon Hill spoke about the power of the Mastermind almost 70 years ago and it's been written about thousands upon thousands of times since.


Because of the power of leveraging the ideas and strategies of others to help YOU succeed, that's why.

If you're serious about marketing online, then you need your own personal mastermind, a group of people who will help you elevate your websites to that next level of success you're dreaming of.

So today I'm excited because a new site just launched called Butterfly Riches.

Imagine having these guys share with you the secrets to their success and the exact steps they took to get there:

Willie Crawford
Michael Cheney
Jeff Dedrick
Keith Wellman
Matt Glanfield
Frank Bauer
James Grandstaff
Brian Edmondson
Craig Haywood
Aurelis Tjin
Michael Ambrosio
Fabio Marciano
and the elusive Mr. T...

That's a power list if I ever saw one and they're all waiting to help you at:

== >

Again, Imagine having these guys at your disposal, sharing their successful methods with you...

You could literally write your own ticket to internet marketing success!

The best news is that Mike and Fabio are giving you access at no cost so, don't wait another minute!

It's all at

To your success,


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